The Coat of Arms

A new grant of Arms with Supporters was achieved on 16th October 1991 under the seal of Sir Colin Cole, by authority of the Earl Marshall. These replace the second grant of Arms granted in 1582. The actual of Coat of Arms are made up of the following components:


Azure a Fleur de lys or, on a chief gules a leopard's head Or between two 'pricksong books' of the same laced vert.


On either side and standing to the front on the capital of an Ionic Column Or and Angel gazing outwards proper winged Or vested of a tunic Argent garnished Or draped over the interior shoulder with a mantle Azure and holding with the interior hand a Trumpet baldrick-wise the bell upwards all gold.


On a wreath gules and Azure, a cubit arm vested Azure cuffed ermine holding an open 'pricksong' book all proper.


Unitas societatis stabilitas which means 'Unity is the support of Society'.

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