St Ann Blackfriars

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• St Ann Blackfriars was first mentioned in 1544 and situated close to Church Entry, Carter Lane. It was the parish church for those who lived within the precincts of the great Dominican priory near Ludgate.

• In 1550 when the priory precinct was granted to Sir Thomas Cawarden he demolished the churchand the site leased out for tennis courts and a carpenter’s yard.

• During the reign of Mary 1 Sir Thomas was compelled to find a building where the parishioners could worship and when this fell down in 1597 the congregation raised enough money to rebuild it.

• Playhouse Yard is a reminder that it was near the Blackfriars Theatre, a fact which caused its congregation to complain about the noise of drums and trumpets disturbing the services! • It became a Puritan stronghold, associated for 45 years with William Gouge and a place many Londoners made a point of visiting.

• It was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666.

• Today parts of the churchyard are visible at Ireland Yard including part of the wall of Blackfriars Priory.

• After the fire Blackfriars was one of the churches never to be rebuilt, and its parish was merged into that of St Andrew by the Wardrobe.

The photograph shows the site of the churchyard

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