St Benet Sherehog

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• St Benet Sherehog, was originally dedicated to St Osyth and Sise Lane in the parish uses a corrupted form of the saint's name. It was a medieval church built before the year 1111, on a site now occupied by No1 Poultry in Corwainer Ward, in what was then the wool-dealing district of the City.

• A shere hog is a castrated ram after its first shearing.

• The patronage of the church belonged to the monastery of St Mary Overy until the Dissolution, when it passed to the Crown. Matthew Griffith chaplain to Charles I was rector from 1640 until 1642, when he was removed from the post and imprisoned after preaching a sermon entitled "A Pathetical Persuasion to Pray for Publick Peace" in St Paul's Cathederal.

• St Benet's was one of the 86 parish churches destroyed in the Great Fire, and it was not selected to be rebuilt when the 1670 Act of Parliament became law. The parish was united to that of St Stephen Walbrook in the same year, but continued to be represented by its own churchwarden. In 1685, a church report judged the unification a success. Some of its parish records survive. The site of the church was used as a burial-ground for the united parishes until closed by an act of parliament in 1853. It was excavated between 1994 and 1996, before the current office block was erected.

The photograph shows an area of the churchyard with carved wooden benches representing the old pews.

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