St John Clerkenwell

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• St John Clerkenwell is housed in a rebuild of the old Priory church of Clerkenwell Priory (its crypts are those of the Priory church).

• It was restored and improved by a Mr. Griffith in 1845. In 1878 one of the large painted windows at the east end still survived, as did remains of Prior Thomas Docwra's church in the south and east walls, and capitals and rib mouldings of the former church underpinned the pews.

• In 1868 its living was a rectory valued £260, in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor. It was reconstructed from the former choir walls after bomb damage in 1941.

• The outline of the round church consecrated in 1185 is marked out in St John's Square in front of the church; to the south of the church is a Garden of Remembrance on the site of a 16th century chapel.

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