St Olave Silver Street

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• St Olave, Silver Street was a church dedicated to St Olaf, a Norwegian Christian ally of the English king Ethelred II, on the south side of Silver Street, off Wood Street in the City.

• The first reference to the church, in the twelfth century, refers to it as "St Olave de Mukewellestrate" from its proximity to Monkwell Street.

• John Stowe described it as "a small thing, without any noteworthy monuments."

• It was rebuilt in 1609 and repaired 1662. It had a small churchyard, and owned another piece of land for burials in Noble Street, which was known as the "anatomizer's ground".

• The church was destroyed in the Great Fire and not rebuilt. Instead the parish was united with that of St Alban Wood Street.

• The site is now a garden, at the end of Noble Street.

• A late 17th Century tablet marks the spot where it once stood.

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