Before the Great Fire of London in 1666, there were a total of 97 parish churches within the walls of the Square Mile.  There was an effort by Sir Christopher Wren to rebuild 51 of them after the devastation, but in the event only 26 survive to the modern day.

To view the locations of the churches, both past and present, please click on this link to view on a Google Map.

The red pins denote those churches that do still exist, the green pins show the locations of all those that no longer exist, and the orange ones mark various ruined churches that have not been rebuilt.

To read a potted history of each individual church, please click on the relevant name in the list below.

The Company's Parishes

 Parishes included in the Charter of 1639

(97 Parishes within the Walls):

(16 Parishes outside the Walls):

(15 out-Parishes adjacent):

Additional Parishes of which the Parish Clerk
may be admitted to membership of the Company:

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